Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated!

Everyone has been wondering about the refuel process after swimming. So I'm gonna try to give you some good advice on the best steps to refuel directly after a workout.

Hydration: Often we forget about how important water and liquids are after a workout. Instead of ripping through the fridge, reach for your water bottle first. You can eat afterwards, but first rehydrate. Often when we do long swims we forget about how much liquids we lose. These need to be replaced after your workout; you’re sometimes not as hungry as you are thirsty.

For summertime when it's extremely warm in Philadelphia I tend to fill the whole bottle with ice before the workout. The remaining room in the bottle is filled with water. But if you're doing things outside it shouldn’t take long to melt that ice so that way you have some water during your activity and some when you finish your activity.

I also am very fortunate to have a camelbak hydration backpack! Great for hiking and biking! If you’re doing long distance events or on your feet a bunch I highly recommend it! Its has a little pouch for necessities: keys, phone, ID. but it carries a whole bunch of water and the best part is that your hands are free to do other things.   


This fits tightly around your waist and holds varied amounts of small water bottles. I like this one because the belt fits well and you even have the option of adding gels or additional energy sources to your belt.

Go-to snacks post workout:


Trail mix: I love the mixture of sweet and salty! Trail mix tends to be an easy relatively healthy way to in corporate these two tastes. It’s fun and is a great salt replacement for after the workout.

Fruit- Throw a peach or slice of watermelon in your bag. Fruit is great because it adds hydration to your system.

Smoothies- Refreshing, sweet and extremely hydrating on a hot day.   

Banana Chips-Sweet with a crunch

Pretzels- Replenishes the salts you lost during your workout


Try them all and stay hydrated!!

Keep calm and swim on!

Coach Kelcey