Certifications for Swim Philly!

So I can happily say I've attained my US Master's Swimming Level 1 and 2 coaching certification ! This excites me me as it helps give me more knowledge on training triathletes, open water swimmers and those who just enjoy swimming for all of its health benefits. Regardless of how much experience you have  had in the pool,  swimming continues to provide various benefits both mental and physical to all athletes.  I would recommend that any one over the age of 18 look at the USMS site and try out a workout.

I'm also happy to say that starting in September I will be coaching at Friends Select School. This club team has about 80 kids and they are ages 4 threw 17. This is a club team that participates and travels to meets in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. It is also very exciting because to is apart of USA Swimming events. I just cant wait to get to know these kids and see them compete in the pool. 

What I've been doing recently is trying to receive my USA Swimming coaching certification. I need this to make participate and attend events. I've been taking courses to prepare myself to be a coach some of these courses tie with the American Red Cross and USA swimming to make sure swimmers have safe and fun practices.